Dr. Dragana Avramov

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Director and senior scientific fellow




  • Ph.D. Sociology – Population Studies and Policies
  • M.Sc. Sociology of Culture and Cultural Policy
  • B.A. Sociology
  • College degree in Journalism

Professional experience:

  • More than 20 years of experience as researcher in  social sciences and humanities
  • Expert for the European Commission, Council of Europe and United Nations
  • Evaluator, reviewer, rapporteur, chair of panels and independent observer for the European Commission
  • Expert for the regional and national scientific evaluation organisations  : Baltic Organisations’ Network for Funding Science (BONUS),  the Swedish Research Council (FORMAS), AREA Science Part Trieste, Italy, ISFOL Rome, Italy
  • Former director of the Demographic Research Centre, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • Active in scientific associations and international non-governmental organisations (e.g. International Union for the Scientific Study of Population – IUSSP, European Science Foundation, European Association for the Advancement of Social Sciences, Union of International Associations)
  • Contributed to grass-root and voluntary organisations working with the disadvantaged groups (e.g. European Federation of National Organizations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA), Day of Persons with Disabilities)


Publications include 14 books and over 70 scientific articles in several languages (English, French, German, Serbian) in the domain of sociology, demography, population and development, public policies, scientific, policy and social impact of research, and foresight studies.

Selected bibliography

Recent co-authored publications

Global Europe 2050, co-authored in 2012 by 25 experts including Dragana Avramov, available at http://ec.europa.eu/research/social-sciences/pdf/global-europe-2050-report_en.pdf

Joint International Master Programmes, Lessons learnt from Erasmus Mundus synthesis report drafted in 2013 by Dragana Avramov, with the support of six other external experts and the Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, EACEA, available at http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus_mundus/tools/documents/repository/joint_intl_master_progr_web131120.pdf

Recent scientific paper

Avramov, D. (2013) Immigration and integration scenarios in Global Europe: forward-looking up to 2050, Sociologija 2/2013 (lv), udk 316, issn 0038-0318, available at http://www.komunikacija.org.rs/komunikacija/casopisi/sociologija/LV_2/01/download_gb


Avramov, D. (ed.) (2008), Acceptance of immigrants in Europe? Viewpoints about immigration and expectations towards foreigners in the CzechRepublic, Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, and Finland. Schriftenreihe des Bundesinstituts für Bevölkerungsforschung Sonderband. Pro Business Verlag, Berlin.

Höhn C., D. Avramov, I. Kotowska (Eds.) (2008), People, Population Change and Policies: Lessons from the Population Policy Acceptance Study, two volumes, European Studies of Population, Dodrecht: Springer

Avramov, D., R. Cliquet (2005), Integrated Policies on Gender Relations, Ageing and Migration in Europe: Lessons from the Network for Integrated European Population Studies (NIEPS). CBGS Publicaties. Leuven: Garant.

Avramov, D., M. Maskova (2003), Active ageing in Europe. Population Studies. Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing.

Avramov, D. (2001), People, Demography and Social Exclusion. Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing.

Avramov, D. (Ed.) (1999) Coping with Homelessness: Issues to be Tackled and Best Practices in Europe. Aldershot, Brookfie ld USA, Singapore, Sydney: Ashgate.

Avramov, D. (Ed.) (1998) Youth homelessness in the European Union. FEANTSA, Brussels

Avramov, D. (1995) Homelessness in the European Union. FEANTSA, Brussels

Example of topical reports

Avramov, D. (2011) Initiating and Sustaining Structural Change: Reflection on the outcomes of the workshop on Structural Change in order to Improve Gender Equality in Research Organisations in Europe Towards a Recommendation to the Member States, DG Research and Innovation, available at http://ec.europa.eu/research/science-society/document_library/pdf_06/structural-changes-workshop-report_en.pdf


Lectured at universities in some 10 European countries and was key note and guest speaker at numerous international conferences.


Key note speaker Youth in 2020 – the future of Youth Policies Conference, Youth Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe, Budapest 2013

Chair of the session on Youth Transitions and lecturer at the European  Forum Alpbach 2012, Austria


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