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Population and Social Policy Consultants (PSPC) was founded in 1995 with headquarters in Brussels. It brings together researchers and experts around interdisciplinary research projects in social sciences and policy impact studies at the international, national and regional level. 

We exercise our activities of scientific research and policy advice in the domain of population and social development, demographic dynamics, social security systems, public policies in general, and social and family policies in Europe in particular. 

Research competences and tasks:

  • Design and implementation of international research projects
  • Survey design and field work 
  • Construction and management of international databases 
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • ICT
  • Drafting of research reports and monographs 
  • Co-ordination of projects and research networks 
  • Policy advice and policy impact analysis
  • Organisation of seminars, working groups and conferences 
  • Liaison with intergovernmental agencies, public authorities, and NGOs
  • Publication and dissemination of research results

Peer review and quality assurance:

  • Project evaluation
  • Project review
  • Project monitoring
  • Impact assessment

PSPC and its associates have organized population surveys on social and demographic dynamics, in particular family and fertility, gender relations and work, population ageing, intergenerational solidarity, international migration and the interweaving between demography and living and working conditions, social disadvantages, social stratification, people with special needs, and social cohesion.

Studies on individual behaviour and attitudes and expectations towards policies have been at the core of scientific work of PSPC since its foundation. Research experience of its academics accumulated over past 30 years in the management and implementation of international comparative projects is part of the scientific capital of PSPC.

PSPC and its associates have been involved via the United Nations and the Council of Europe in world population conferences and public policy studies and have designed and implemented numerous projects for the European Commission.

For examples of recent projects see the section on Projects and Partners