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Dr. Dragana Avramov

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Director and senior scientific fellow

Professional experience:

Trained in sociology/population studies (PhD), political sciences and cultural anthropology (MA), and journalism. Studied and worked in Belgium, Italy, France, UK and the Western Balkans. Has more than 20 years experience in social sciences and humanities research in international and multicultural environments in European countries and developing regions.

Past transnational research concerned inter-generational solidarity, ageing, employment and employability, gender and family dynamics, poverty, social inclusion, and foresight studies.

Current research is focused on the social dimensions of education, managing migration and integration of immigrants, social impact of research, and ethics.

Moreover, since 1999 she has been working as independent expert for the European Commission on evaluation of project proposals, policy review, and as Independent Observer for EC engaged for monitoring the quality of evaluation procedures (DG Research, DG CNNECT, DG Education and Culture, Research Executive Agency REA, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, Education and Culture Executive Agency EACEA, Trans European Transport Executive Agency, EC Executive Agency for SMEs EASME etc.). Since 2009 she had been the lead expert for the Erasmus Mundus (EACEA) Programme and for several years was Chair of the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (REA).

Publications include 15 books and over 70 scientific articles in several languages (English, French, German, Serbian).

Selected bibliography


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Scientific papers

Avramov, D (2018) Immigration and Integration of Immigrants: Impacts of Research for Social and Security Policies, European Journal of Human Security, Volume 1 (in print)

Avramov, D (2017) Use of research evidence from Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) for achieving policy and social impacts, Institute of Social Sciences Publications,

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Avramov, D., E. Mesic (2017) Study of the achievements of TEMPUS IV projects in the development of student support services in the Western Balkans, European Commission,

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European Commission (2013) Joint International Master Programmes, Lessons learnt from Erasmus Mundus synthesis report by Dragana Avramov, with the support of six external experts and the Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, EACEA,

European Commission (2012) Global Europe 2050, co-authored by 25 experts including Dragana Avramov, available at

Avramov, D. (2011) Initiating and Sustaining Structural Change: Reflection on the outcomes of the workshop on Structural Change in order to Improve Gender Equality in Research Organisations in Europe Towards a Recommendation to the Member States, DG Research and Innovation, available at



Lectured at universities in some 10 European countries and was keynote and guest speaker at numerous international conferences.

CV AVRAMOV Europass December 2017.