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Use of research evidence from Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) for achieving policy and social impacts

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Journal article published in: “Moulding” or Overcoming Barriers: Social Sciences in
Contemporary Society, December 2017; Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade

Dr Dragana Avramov
Director, Population and Social Policy Consultants (PSPC), Brussels

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Science and technology are seen as driving forces of modern society. There is general agreement that they shape many aspects of public and personal lives and they often do so in a complex and unpredictable way2. The author argues that the grand challenges facing Europe in the Global World associated with demography, sustainability, environment, wellbeing, security, and uncertainty, are of social and ethical, rather than technical and/or technological nature. Research helps deal with unexpected and unforeseeable future. Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) researchers have the core competences needed to address many themes related to the grand challenges. The author discusses how integration of SSH in interdisciplinary research is supported by the research funding agencies, in particular the Framework Programmes of the European Union, which have been conducive to the establishment of the European SSH Community and European SSH Area.

She looks at difficulties associated with SSH impact assessment and addresses use of SSH research evidence by the key policy actors for shaping policies. Key words: Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH); scientific, policy, and social impact of SSH; use of research evidence; European Research Area (ERA).

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